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And here’s my resume.

I’ve written for a number of publications (both professional and school-based) in Grass Valley and Santa Barbara, Calif. and now Eugene, Ore.

I was the editor-in-chief of the Nevada Union High School newspaper The Goldpan in 2011 – 2012 followed by a two-year stint at Santa Barbara City College’s newspaper The Channels, where I sequentially worked as a staff writer, arts and entertainment editor, and editor-in-chief from fall 2012 to spring 2013. I also served an internship during summer 2013 with the Santa Barbara Independent, the city’s alt-weekly newspaper, for which I wrote album reviews, profiled rising musicians from the L.A. music scene.

My columns for The Channels (which can be read here) have won awards from Journalism Association of Community Colleges. The Oregon Newspapers Publishers Association has also recognized some of my columns and feature stories for the Emerald at the University of Oregon, where I currently work as the arts & culture editor.

I’m now a journalism major at the University of Oregon and looking to expand my portfolio. I’ve been privileged enough to work as a student research fellow with the University of Oregon-UNESCO Crossings Institute. I’ve served as a delegate during World Press Freedom Day conferences for three years from 2015–2017 in Riga, Latvia; Helsinki, Finland; and Jakarta, Indonesia. During these conferences, I interviewed several journalists, political cartoonists, and other members of the media from around the world. My interviews with them – and other programs from Crossings Radio – can be found here.

I love reading, biking, music culture, and the San Francisco Giants.

Feel free to email me at



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